Vimentin expression in the tumor cells of carcinomas of different organs and different histological types


  • I. V. Vasilenko
  • R. B. Kondratjuk
  • I. A. Kolesnikova
  • A. G. Kudrjashov



epithelial-mesenhymal transition, stomach neoplasms, lung neoplasms, kidney neoplasms


Aims. Epithelial- mesenсhymal transition endows tumors with such qualities as ability to invasion and metastasis development, prevents their apoptosis and ageing, promotes angiogenesis, immunosupression, resistance to chemo- and radiotherapy.

Methods and results. For the purpose of revealing complete epithelial-mesenchymal transition with expression of vimentin 24cases of gastric carcinoma, 46 cases of pulmonary carcinoma and 15 cases of renal cell carcinoma were studied immunohistochemicaly. Expression of vimentin was revealed more often in renal carcinomas (86,7%), adenocarcinomas of the lung (44,1%) and diffuse gastric carcinomas (80%). Authentically lower frequency expression of vimentin in intestinal gastric cancer (14,3%) and squamous cell and neuroendicrinal lung cancer (16.7%).

Conclusion. The expression of vementin may be connected with embrional histogenesis of organ, peculiarities of cancerogenesis and also with tumor progression.


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